CRANBERRY SUNSET farm - horseback riding for All Abilities

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CRANBERRY SUNSET FARM is proud to announce, after two successful pilot programs, we have kept our "gates" open year round to provide children and families a place to come, interact with animals, ride horses, learn how to drive ponies, take nature walks and enjoy the farm experience in a safe environment.
Horses have provided therapy since the 60's where grass roots efforts witnessed their effects. Since then we have seen dogs in reading groups at school, cats in nursing homes, goats visiting... Its the non-verbal communication that takes precedent over verbal with animals. Because horses are prey animals, they have a keen sense of survival in the wild. They must be astute observers of their surroundings and communicate this quickly to the herd. As a result, they quickly sense a person's attitude, feelings and response. Horses are brilliant acknowledgers of these nonverbal cues and they naturally reveal our intentions, what we physically and emotionally project rather than what we verbalize. Equine and human interaction encourages mutual non-verbal communication between horse and individual, which results in the development of assertiveness, creative thinking, and problem-solving techniques especially for those individuals who are unable to verbalize what they think and feel.
While at the farm, children are able to experience life skills, as the child's confidence grows we encourage more participation from the child, by asking them to help halter the horse, help in grooming the horse, put the saddle on, lead the horse around before mounting, how to put the horse away after the ride is completed, how to prepare the feed, clean water buckets, muck out the stalls. And for others, maybe just waiting 5min to have a turn riding is a big accomplishment. We try to build onto every visit each family makes to the farm. We provide a positive environment, and supply lots of encouragement for each child to succeed and leave the farm feeling like they accomplished something in their day.
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